Advocates for Children are individuals and organizations who are dedicated to providing dignity and healing to children and their families who are facing overwhelming challenges like child abuse, developmental disabilities and lack of access to medical care. Child Advocates have chosen to partner through a five-year philanthropic pledge.


Advocates for Children giving society members recognize and value the meaningful and impactful work done at The Howard Phillips Center. These individuals engage in special events throughout the year and are unified by their passion and interest in the mission of The Howard Phillips Center.

If you would like to know more about joining Advocates for Children, contact Amy Drury, Director of Development, Orlando Health Foundation at (321) 841-8285.

Ashley Cusimano

It’s So Great To Enjoy Life Again - W. McNair

I would highly recommend Dr Brahmbhatt and the PUR Clinic. After a standard hernia repair operation 7 years ago, I experienced chronic severe groin pain. Over the next 3 years I was referred to 2 urologists and 2 surgeons that told me there was nothing they could do for me. I was then sent to a pain clinic that made 3 attempts at nerve blocks that did not work. I spent the next 4 years on pain management meds until my current urologist introduced me to Dr Brahmbhatt. Immediately after the procedure he recommended and performed I experienced nearly total pain relief! The staff at his office and South Lake Hospital were awesome and made the whole trip very comfortable. It is so great to enjoy all activities and life again!!

He Truly Cared - Nathan

My wife and I had been trying to have our first baby for about 3 years before I became Dr. Parekattil’s patient. Both my wife and I found him to be especially friendly and caring which is so important in cases like ours, and he explained my upcoming procedure to us extremely clearly. His bedside manner made us both so comfortable. We could tell that he truly cared about us and our situation, and wanted to sincerely help, and we appreciated this so much. The outpatient procedure went wonderfully, and the follow-up care was thorough and thoughtful. Incredibly, one and a half years later, our first IUI procedure after my surgery was successful, and now we have a wonderful little baby girl Emmalyn, who has been a complete joy for us. She wouldn’t have been possible without the extraordinary care of Dr. Parekattil. I can’t recommend him enough.