The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families

We have experienced many challenges over the last 20 years. We have seen our families struggle through hurricanes, recession and Pulse. We know that our families who are already at-risk are many times the first to lose employment, shelter and spiral into crisis. We know that stress creates situations where child abuse skyrockets. We know that teens will forego healthcare to help their families survive and that little ones in need of therapies are also in need of so much more.


Amidst it all, we know our team is committed to seeing our children and families through these difficult days.


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We provide children and families a support system and resources so they don’t have to face overwhelming challenges alone. Anyone who asks for help will receive it. We work with Child Protective Services and host the Children’s Advocacy Center, Teen Xpress, The Healing Tree and more.

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In honor of the team at The Howard Phillips Center, we invite you to share a photo, a video, a story or just a quick note of support. Each week, we will share your encouragement with the staff as a way to acknowledge their efforts!

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By Popular Demand – Gift Registry Available!

An online donation registry is now available on Here you will find items which are in high demand by our clients and families.  From diapers to detergent and snacks to supplies, these items will make an impact on the lives of our families.

Top 10 Current Donation Needs

Please contact Amy Drury at [email protected] or (321) 841-8285 with any questions or to coordinate a drop off of items.


o   Basic Hygiene supplies

o   Diapers & Wipes

o   Food (non-perishable)

o   Formula & Baby Food

o   Gas Gift Cards

o   Grocery/Food Gift Cards

o   Hand Soap & Sanitizers

o   Laundry Detergent & Quarters

o   School Supplies

o   Water

Still Have Questions?

Contact [email protected].