The Pabst Steinmetz Foundation Awards $25,000 to Arts in Medicine Program

When husband and wife Chuck Steinmetz and Margery Pabst Steinmetz established The Pabst Steinmetz Foundation in 2018, they began it with a mission to inspire and build community through innovation in arts and education.

Continuing to meet that mission, the Foundation awarded $25,000 to the Arts in Medicine program at the Orlando Health Cancer Institute, where innovative art education inspires and motivates patients during their cancer treatment. This grant funding will allow our Arts in Medicine team to continue to offer programming to patients and their caregivers free of charge, allowing them to experience the stress-reducing results of art production, explore their creativity and take part in community events.

In addition, this funding has created an opportunity for a graduate-level art student to join the Arts in Medicine team at the Cancer Institute and experience the transformational impact that the fine arts can foster in patients and their caregivers. This addition fulfills Chuck and Margery’s vision of supporting sustainable programs that improve the community. A true meeting of arts and education, the training this student receives will create an additional professional who will touch the lives of cancer patients and their families.

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