The Impact of Philanthropy - The Hewell Kids' Kidney Center

Logan, only 23 months old, has been a patient at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children since birth. He battles kidney failure on a daily basis, and with the help of his parents and the team at The Hewell Kids' Kidney Center, he spends 11 hours each day on dialysis.

This level of support was not always available for kidney patients and their families at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Prior to 2011, pediatric patients with acute kidney care needs had to be seen within an adult service area. Although the clinical care received has always been exemplary, the intricate social and emotional needs of pediatric patients and their families was overshadowed in a clinic space geared more for adults. Thankfully, Dr. Jo and Robert “Buddy” Hewell not only recognized this gap in support, but took swift action in hopes to change this situation for our patients and their families. Through a generous and consistent combination of both personal and corporate giving (through their A.T.A.P. COMPANIES, an acronym denoting All Things Are Possible), the Hewells have made the dream of patient-centered care, appropriate for a pediatric population, a reality at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Thanks to the combination of philanthropy and expert medical care, The Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center is now better equipped to help newborns to teenagers with the comprehensive effects of kidney disease.

Patients and Families Share their Gratefulness for The Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center

This place really has been our hope. Because they are the ones who keep us grounded and know that our son will be OK. It's a breath of fresh air for me as a parent, and for Logan, when he comes into the Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center. It’s just like being at home for him. – Maggie Diaz, Mom of patient, Logan

Without them, I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't have done as well in school if it were not for them. I would probably have to take a gap year in high school and I would not have graduated on time. They really care for me and without them, I don't know where I would be. – Langjoe Nyugen, patient

The type of people at the center, and the stuff they know about each stage you go through, is super valuable. And, this is something they’re going to hear for years down the road, a bunch of times more, but I can't thank you all enough because I owe you my life. – Amanda Acosta, patient

I felt comfortable. I felt like I could just be myself. I didn't feel scared or insecure about myself. I can't thank the staff enough because I owe them my life. – Ashlyn Williams, Patient