Tax season comes and goes, but your planning shouldn’t

As you are completing your taxes from the 2020 calendar year, we also encourage you to plan for the future. Here are three tax-wise ways to support Orlando Health with a charitable gift. Click on any of the icons below to learn more about how these types of gifts may help reduce your taxable income, avoid capital gains or provide relief from tax burdens.

Stock Gifts
IRA Distributions
Charitable Gift Annuities


In case you missed it

In 2020 congress implemented the Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, otherwise known as the CARES Act.  This economic stimulus package presented charitable incentives which greatly impacted philanthropy.

Take note that some of the provisions from the CARES Act have been extended into 2021, meaning there is still an opportunity to save next tax season. For those who itemize, take advantage of the increase in charitable deduction limits and bunch your giving into 2021 to claim a 100% deduction. To understand more on how this may impact you, here’s What You Should Know.

Our planned giving team is here to help you with your charitable vision and introduce you to opportunities for tax-wise ways of giving. Contact us to learn more and start the conversation.

Be sure to consult with your professional advisor to ensure you are informed of your tax-saving options while considering a charitable gift that’s right for you.



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