Romero Britto’s Happy Art Movement Comes to Seacrest Studio Orlando

New, colorful artwork is always an exciting addition to the already welcoming and kid-friendly atmosphere at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. When the artwork is provided by a world-renowned artist, the addition is even more meaningful to our patients, families and team members! 

This past March, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer officially became a part of the “Happy Art Movement” when artist Romero Britto donated two pieces of vibrant artwork made specifically for our hospital. This donation was in honor of the opening of our Seacrest Studio, which launched in December of 2020. To unveil the new art pieces, Romero joined our patients and team members live, via Zoom, sharing a special broadcast and Q&A session through the studio. 

Considered the most licensed artist in history and an activist for charitable organizations worldwide, Romero’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries. His mission has always been to create a visual language of love, hope and happiness that inspires millions and reflects his optimistic view of the world around him. He is an artist who believes “art is too important not to share” and we are so grateful he has chosen to share his vibrant, iconic imagery and fun patterns with our patients at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer. 


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