Q&A with a Trauma Prevention Coordinator

Jaime Fletcher, MSN, RN, CPN

Injury Prevention Coordinator/Clinical Specialist II at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children


Q1: Since the time you began working in healthcare, what is one of the biggest changes you’ve seen?

The increase in patient population and number of trauma patients treated


Q2: Tell us about your role in a few sentences or short paragraph:

As an injury prevention coordinator for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer’s trauma center, I focus on educating children and families in our community on a variety of safety topics. Commonly discussed topics are falls, seatbelts, helmet use when riding bikes, pedestrian safety, water safety, hands only CPR and burns. I create an interactive learning environment and ensure all the kids I teach feel empowered to go home and teach their families something new. In addition to this, I am assisting in providing education on our Stop the Bleed initiative to all Orange County Public School teachers/administrators.


Q3: What is unique about your role at Orlando Health?

I am able to work with the community while still working with nurses and staff within the hospital.


Q4: What is your favorite part about your role in trauma prevention?

Every day is different, and I am constantly meeting new people who have the same goals when it comes to injury prevention in the community.


Q5: What is your biggest challenge?

Finding new and creative ways to educate the community.


Q6: What are three unexpected items on your desk?

Foam sanitizer, large aluminum playground safety signs and electrocardiogram (EKG) paper


Q7: If you were not in healthcare, what would you be?

Working in hospitality management


Q8: Three words to describe yourself:

a.     Outgoing

b.     Motivated

c.     Caring


Q9: Name your favorite:

App - Amazon

Book - If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

City to Visit - NYC

Color - Red

Food - Pizza

Guilty Pleasure Reality TV

Hobby – Right now, schoolwork. I graduate in 1 month, so I’ll have to find a hobby after that!

Quote – “If you’re not changing it, you’re choosing it”

Weekend Activity – Going to Disney or a park with my daughter





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