Pfizer Grant Provides Increased Support for Central Florida Cardiac Patients

Photo caption: Nurse Navigator, Roberto Rivera-Olmo, who assists ATTR-CM patients in managing their treatment.

Thanks to a grant provided by Pfizer Quality Improvement Projects, cardiac patients in Central Florida diagnosed with Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) can now feel more supported navigating their care through Orlando Health. 

ATTR-CM is an underdiagnosed and potentially fatal disease characterized by deposits of amyloid protein fibrils in the walls of the left ventricle, the main pumping chamber of the heart. Treatment for this diagnosis can be complex, often leaving patients feeling overwhelmed handling their care. 

With the assistance of this grant from Pfizer, Orlando Health has been able to establish a care coordination program with a Nurse Navigator who assists ATTR-CM patients in managing their treatment. 

The ATTR-CM Nurse Navigator, Roberto Rivera-Olmo, helps patients navigate complex care, treatment and follow-up, as well as conducts one-on-one education about this condition with patients. Through this new program, Roberto will be able to assist 10-15 ATTR-CM patients per month. 

Our main goals for this program are to: 

  1. Create a robust care coordination process for individuals with ATTR-CM in Central Florida,
  2. Increase education on ATTR-CM among patients with this condition, leading to increased health and wellness,
  3. Align with current institutional resources we have related to ATTR-CM, including genetic testing and counseling. 

The addition of a Nurse Navigator specifically assisting the Amyloid population in Central Florida will also help Orlando Health pursue recognition as an amyloid Center of Excellence in our community. This designation will allow us to reach more patients with this disease and provide them with the highest level of care. 

“The addition of this program will significantly impact the healthcare experience of these cardiac patients by helping them to get diagnosed sooner and start therapy earlier. Receiving treatment earlier will positively impact their quality of life and longevity. Through this program, patients have someone they can directly contact regarding diagnostic testing, therapies and financial and social support,” states Roberto Rivera-Olmo. 

This new program is one of the more innovative advancements in ATTR-CM and will help us to connect and better serve this patient population. Thanks to Pfizer Quality Improvement Projects, our new ATTR-CM Nurse Navigator and streamlined services will help us to continue to meet our mission of improving the health and quality of life for the Central Florida community. 

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