Orlando Health's Opioid Navigator Program Expands with Grant Funding

In 2016, Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) embarked on a transformative journey to address the opioid epidemic plaguing communities across Central Florida.

Thanks to grant funding from the Florida Blue Foundation and the Florida Department of Health, the Opioid Navigator Program was born, aiming to provide crucial support for individuals battling Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Fast forward to the present, and the program's success has led to its continued commitment at Orlando Health ORMC and paved the way for expansion to Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital.

Orlando Health's Commitment Beyond Treatment

Orlando Health's commitment to addressing the opioid crisis goes beyond the Opioid Navigator Program. The organization actively collaborates with legislators to emphasize the importance of mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) in the state of Florida. By advocating for policies that prioritize these critical issues, Orlando Health aims to contribute to systemic change, ultimately reducing the number of people suffering from addiction.

The successful expansion of the Opioid Navigator Program highlights the impact of community-driven initiatives in combating opioid addiction. However, this success would not be possible without additional funding commitments. By providing support at critical junctures in a patient's journey, educating healthcare professionals, and building collaborative networks, Orlando Health's Opioid Navigator Program stands as a beacon of hope, collaboration, and commitment to addressing the opioid epidemic.

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