Orlando Health Hospitality Homes Provide Comfort During Times of Crisis

The Hubbard House and Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion teams celebrated Hospitality Homes Week during the week of July 20.

The Hubbard House and Cynthia C. & William E. Perry Pavilion teams celebrated Hospitality Homes Week during the week of July 20. Their celebration is rightfully deserved, considering the impact they have on people’s lives during some of their most challenging times.

Both hospitality homes provide a patient’s family with a place to stay near the hospitals while receiving long-term treatment and care. Hubbard House, located near Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), hosts an average of 50 people each night and the guests receive three meals per day. The Perry Pavilion at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital hosts an average of 10 people each night. While the Perry Pavilion may not get as much traffic, they support many out-of-town guests whose family member requires medical attention while on vacation.

In both cases, these are homes away from home.

With a limited staff, both hospitality houses rely on volunteers to ensure the guests’ needs are met each day. Volunteer and major supporter Pam Crowell is in her 21st year at Hubbard House and says, “I have always felt that I receive much more than I have ever given by volunteering there.” Pam, along with the other volunteers and staff members, enjoys serving guests during some devastating times.

“It’s rewarding to watch the dynamics around the table. When I see the families come in and ask about each other and pray with each other around the table, it makes all the work worth it,” says Peggy Smith, Hubbard House’s resident general manager who has lived at the house for 15 years. “It’s not about the food. It’s about having the support system with others going through similar situations.”

Guests at Hubbard House and Perry Pavilion are always appreciative of the hospitality they receive. One guest said, “This is a wonderful ministry – caring for the families as well as the patients!” Another guest at Perry Pavilion praised the care she received when her husband was admitted to the hospital saying, “We were on vacation with family at Disney World. My husband got an infection and was hospitalized with IV antibiotics. This has been a blessing. Thank all of you who help make this possible and especially Mr. and Mrs. Perry. I have MS so this allows some special help for us.”

Because the hospitality homes offer these accommodations asking only for a donation in return, the homes are always in need of support. The major fundraiser for Hubbard House and Perry Pavilion is the annual Tommy Bahama Caribbean Classic Dinner and Golf Tournament. This year’s event takes place November 1-2. If you are interested in supporting the hospitality homes by participating in this event, visit

You can help families during times of crisis by participating in the event or by making a gift in support of Hubbard House or Perry Pavilion. As Peggy says, “We open our arms and the door when they need it most.”

To learn more about Hubbard House or Perry Pavilion or to schedule a tour, please contact the Orlando Health Foundation at 321.841.5194.