New Honor a Caregiver program gives patients and families a way to say thanks

Some of the most significant moments to happen in a person’s life will take place within the walls of our hospitals. Whether as a patient or the loved one of someone receiving care, your time spent in the hospital is an important milestone, and the people who are tasked with your care are in a unique position to make an impact at a crucial time in your life.

Whether it’s the transport personnel who ensure you get safely where you need to go, the food services team that provides you with nutrition, the clinical staff who treat your illness or the custodial staff who provide a clean and welcoming place for you to recuperate, there are a myriad of staff members who play a role in your recovery. When these caregivers have gone above and beyond what’s required of them to offer compassion, care and concern, patients and their families strive to find a way to thank them in a meaningful and heartfelt way.

We created the Honor a Caregiver program to give our patients and their family members the ability to make a donation in honor of a caregiver that has significantly impacted their lives. This staff member will then receive personal recognition for the excellent care they’ve provided. Furthermore, your gift will allow our hospital to continue providing state-of-the-art, compassionate care for others like you.

One of the first donations received in this inaugural program came from Jessica after her fiancé Ken received care at the UF Health Cancer Center- Orlando Health. While a patient’s stay on the surgical oncology unit typically lasts three or four days, Jessica and Ken stayed for three weeks! Jessica recalls, “Being in the hospital for three weeks was really hard, but the compassion of the nurses, technicians, and physicians on the ninth floor made all the difference. Not only did they take care of their patient, but they also took the time to check in on me, too.”

Jessica went on to say that daily visits from one of the nursing assistants, Melanie, was like having a friend visit you that works in the hospital. Jessica remembers:

“Melanie would come in Ken’s room each day to check his vitals, but she always did more than that. She would carry on good conversations, too. Melanie really made that effort to find out who we were. She kept us talking about things we had to look forward to in life such as our upcoming wedding planning. She was very positive and motivating. These types of circumstances can really make life feel bleak and negative. Melanie helped remind us that it doesn't have to be.”

Like Jessica and Ken, many patients and their family members are overwhelmed with gratitude towards those who have taken exceptional care of them during their most vulnerable moments while in the hospital.

If you’ve received extraordinary care, let us know by making a donation in honor of the staff members who’ve touched your life in a positive and uplifting way. Not only will this offer much-needed thanks to our staff who work tirelessly to care for their patients, but it will ensure that we continue gathering resources that will fund new initiatives to provide the best care possible for our community.

Your donation will support the greatest areas of need at each caregiver's facility, helping him or her with the tools needed to be their best for our patients. Caregivers will be personally thanked and recognized when your gift is made. Visit to make a donation.