National Doctors' Day Recognition 2024

As we reflect on National Doctors’ Day, we are filled with gratitude for the overwhelming support from our donors. Your contributions have not only honored the incredible doctors in our community but also reinforced the vital role they play in our lives. On behalf of the countless lives our doctors touch, we extend our heartfelt thanks for recognizing the dedication of these healthcare heroes.

See below the recognized phsyicians at Orlando Health whose service has inspired great generosity during this year's National Doctors' Day.

  • Adnan Ahmed, MD
  • Akash Nanda, MD
  • Alberto Yonfa, MD
  • Alexander R. Johnson, MD
  • Amy G. Williams, DO
  • Andrew B. Nye, DO
  • Andrew D. Rosenthal, MD
  • Andrew J. Davidiuk, MD
  • Annette R. Cabiac, MD
  • April L. Oxford, MD
  • Aurelio Duran, MD
  • Benjamin C. Service, MD
  • Benjamin M. Kaplan, MD
  • Boris E. Coronado, MD
  • Brett R. Bolhofner, MD
  • Brian A. Braithwaite, MD
  • Brooke C. Britton, MD
  • Bruce A. Levy, MD
  • Bryan D. Brown, MD
  • Calvin L. Gibson, MD
  • Caroline N. Nguyen-Min, MD
  • Catherine A. Frank, MD
  • Chad D. Kollas, MD
  • Charles S. Thompson, MD
  • Chinedu K. Nwabuobi, MD
  • Christa M. Finer, DO
  • Christopher J. Brouillette, MD
  • Daniel G. Goddard, MD
  • Deborah I. Lauridsen, MD
  • Deepak K. Naidu, MD
  • Dipali P. Nemade, MD
  • Donald M. Collins, MD
  • Edmund F. Delgado, MD
  • Elizabeth Carreno Rijo, MD
  • Elizabeth Feldman, DMD
  • Eric L. Saunders, MD
  • F. Curtis Bryan, MD
  • Farhan J. Khawaja, MD
  • Frank P. Franzese, MD
  • George E. Blanco, MD
  • Hal S. Pineless, DO
  • Hatem Hassanein, MD
  • Hector F. Ramirez, MD
  • Holden D. Heitner, MD
  • Howard G. Smith, MD
  • Inoel R. Rivera-Ramirez, MD
  • J. Ryan Williams, MD
  • Javed A. Syed, MD
  • Jay A. Vachhani, MD
  • Jeffrey A. Bornstein, MD
  • Jeffrey A. Deren, MD
  • Jeffrey M. Cohen, MD
  • Jermonia Esteves, MD
  • Joel R. Garcia, MD
  • John A. Peterson, MD
  • Jon M. Wesley, MD
  • Jose A. Torres, MD
  • Joshua R. Karas, MD
  • Julia A. Pfaff, DO, MPH, FACS
  • Justin A. Mullner, MD
  • Kaitlin M. Christopherson, MD
  • Katherine F. Wojnowich, MD
  • Kathleen A. Pulsifer, DPM
  • Kavita M. Pattani, MD
  • Kelley R. Shackelford, MD
  • Kenneth Obiaja, MD, MPH, FAAFP
  • Kenneth R. Lee, MD
  • Kiran K. Mogali, MD
  • Lillian Reguero, MD
  • Lucas R. Wiegand, MD
  • Marco Ferrara, MD
  • Maria Visitacion De Leon, MD
  • Mark A. Vollenweider, MD
  • Mark W. Munro, MD
  • Megan Indermaur, MD
  • Michael A. Malone, DO
  • Michael L. Russell, MD
  • Michael P. Kahky, MD
  • Michael P. Potts, MD
  • Natalee G. Stone, MD
  • Nazrah C. Franco, MD
  • Neil Patel, MD
  • Omar R. Kayaleh, MD
  • Patrick M. Gill, MD
  • Paul H. Hutschenreuter, PA
  • Paul R. Williamson, MD
  • Pearl Huang-Ramirez, MD
  • Prabhav K. Tella, MD, MPH
  • Rica Z. Jester, MD
  • Robert L. Murrah Jr., MD
  • Rosalia Cuozzo-Taylor, MD
  • Samuel DeJesus, MD
  • Shawn G. McCullough, MD
  • Susan M. Constantino, MD
  • Thomas H. Wentzell, MD
  • Tirrell T. Johnson, MD
  • Tomas Dvorak, MD
  • Tori J. Peppler, MD
  • Travis B. Van Dyke, MD
  • Trina Espinola, MD
  • Vijaykumar S. Kasi, MD, PhD
  • Walter A. Conlan III, MD

Honoring Elizabeth Carreno Rijo, MD

Thank you for your relentless dedication and support to making the world a better place for your patients. You have completely transformed my life, and I hope you know how grateful I am to have met you.

– Anonymous

Honoring Curtis Bryan, MD

I am grateful for the compassionate care you’ve provided! It’s a blessing to have your expertise, but even more your heart for excellence. Our community is a better place because of you!

– Anonymous

Honoring Patrick Gill, MD

Thank you so very much for your excellent care. We think you’re a brilliant doctor and person. we appreciate that you actually hear your patients and find a solution specifically for them. You’ve known exactly what medicines I need. I can go back to life.

– Anonymous

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