National Doctors’ Day Recognition

For physicians at Orlando Health and Bayfront Health, caring for our community is more than just a job, it’s a calling.

Every day, our doctors enter our hospitals, clinics and out-patient facilities ready to provide personalized, compassionate and life-changing care for you and your family. This level of intentional care builds trusted relationships between our doctors and patients leading to better outcomes and healthier futures.

Each year on March 30, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day to honor the tireless dedication of our physicians and the way they live out their calling in our community. This year, once again, we received an outpouring of support from our patients and donors - a true testament to the special bond doctors share with their patients.

Honoring Marilynn Chavannes, MD

"Thank you for being the upbeat and compassionate person you are. The medical field is blessed to have you. Thank you for being my doctor."

Honoring Trina Espinola, MD

"Thank you for taking excellent care of Josh last summer. You’re an amazing physician, but more so a compassionate and caring community member. Your passion for our community is evident and it is so wonderful watching all of the ways you impact others."

Honoring Maria EchavezArroyo, MD

"I am so happy you are my primary physician. You always have an open ear for my issues, and you are a great communicator. You always care for my best interest. You and your staff are the best. Thank you for taking such great care of your patients."

We are proud to recognize the following physicians at Orlando Health and Bayfront Health whose service has inspired great generosity during this year’s National Doctors’ Day.

  • Reem A. Abdalla, MD
  • Sumith C. Aleti, MD
  • Gene R. Arangorin, MD
  • Alka M. Arora, MD
  • Jason Atienza, MD
  • Nicholas G. Avgeropoulos, MD
  • Frank R. Avilucea, MD
  • Said M. Baidas, MD
  • Sudhir K. Bhaskar, MD
  • Jeffrey A. Bornstein, MD
  • Daniel F. Brennan, MD
  • Christopher J. Brouillette, MD
  • Christopher S. Bryant, MD
  • Annette R. Cabiac, MD
  • Marilyn Chavannes, MD
  • Christina Skye Chen, MD
  • Wei-Shen Chin, MD
  • Shehzad H. Choudry, MD
  • Donald M. Collins, MD
  • Susan M. Constantino, MD
  • Marshall Cress, MD
  • Michael F. D’Angelo, MD
  • Elizabeth Davis-Houston, MD
  • Samuel DeJesus, MD
  • Edmund F. Delgado, MD
  • Sunil S. Desai, MD
  • Aurelio Duran, MD
  • Maria S. Echavez-Arroyo, MD
  • Daniel A. Eckstein, MD
  • Anita Ekambaram, MD
  • Trina Espinola, MD
  • Elizabeth Feldman, DMD
  • Catherine A. Frank, MD
  • Raymond B. Franklin Jr., MD, PhD
  • Joel A. Garcia, MD
  • Kathy Garrett, MD
  • Calvin L. Gibson, MD
  • Robert B. Gibson, MD
  • Patrick M. Gill, MD
  • Penny S. Glickman, MD
  • Daniel G. Goddard, MD
  • Patrick P. Gonzales, MD
  • Scott D. Greenwood, MD
  • Christine C. Greves, MD
  • Mohit Gupta, MD
  • Michael S. Gurian, MD
  • Amy Gutierrez, MD
  • George J. Haidukewych, MD
  • Jamal A. Hakim, MD
  • Bahareh Hassanzadeh, MD
  • Robert A. Hirschl, MD
  • Megan Indermaur, MD
  • Michael V. Jablonski, MD
  • Mahendran Jayaraj, MD
  • Tirrell T. Johnson, MD
  • Benjamin M. Kaplan, MD
  • Omar R. Kayaleh, MD
  • Patrick Kelly, MD, PhD
  • Ryan J. Kissane, MD
  • Jared T. Krieger, DMD
  • Suraj R. Kurup, MD
  • Salvador N. Lanza, MD
  • Kenneth R. Lee, MD
  • Jennifer K. Logan, MD
  • Sreeram Maddipatla, MD
  • Mario J. Madruga, MD
  • Edmund Corry Maguire, DPM
  • Rafael R. Manon, MD
  • Kristina M. McLean, MD
  • Shriti M. Mehta, MD
  • Renee F. Modica, MD
  • Mark W. Munro, MD
  • Robert L. Murrah, MD
  • Deepak K. Naidu, MD
  • Akash Nanda, MD
  • Caroline N. Nguyen-Min, MD
  • Kenneth Obiaja, MD, MPH, FAAFP
  • Maxim A. Olivier, MD
  • Harendra C. Patel, MD
  • Kavita M. Pattani, MD
  • Tori J. Peppler, MD
  • Margaret K. Poulos, MD
  • Shahid Qamar, MD
  • George A. Ralls, MD
  • Jorge A. Ramirez, MD
  • Marc Reiskind, MD
  • Inoel R. Rivera-Ramirez, MD
  • Christian A. Rosado, MD
  • Jeffrey P. Rosen, MD
  • Robert L. Rothbard, MD
  • Robert N. Serros, MD
  • Mohamed K. Shaath, MD
  • Kelley R. Shackelford, MD
  • Nikita C. Shah, MD
  • Vikram Shivkumar, MD
  • Margo C. Shoup, MD
  • Dean Sider, MD
  • Howard G. Smith, MD
  • Sandra R. Stine, MD
  • Mariel Szapiel, MD
  • Peter D. Taylor, MD
  • Josef G. Thundiyil, MD
  • Vahid Tohidi, MD, PhD
  • Thuong H. Trinh, DO
  • Jennifer E. Tseng, MD
  • Jessica M. Vaught Aviles, MD
  • Adam J. Waldman, MD
  • J. Christopher Wehman, MD
  • Thomas H. Wentzell, MD
  •  Katherine F. Wojnowich, MD



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