Meet Howard Phillips Center Team Member Michelle Ball

We asked Michelle a few questions to hear a little bit more about her story and her time spent as a Howard Phillips Center team member!

Michelle Ball

Title / Program you Support: 
Manager of the Children’s Advocacy Center, including the Orange and Osceola Child Protection Team and The Healing Tree

Knox, IN

Master of Social Work


Favorite Movie: 
Good Will Hunting

Favorite Book: 
I love to read so this is a really hard question.  One of my first favorite books was Little Women.

Favorite color: 

Favorite Candy: 
Kit Kat

Favorite Drink: 
Mango Lemonade

On my Play List: 
I love music—lately my most listened to Pandora channels are Christina Perri Radio and Baby Lullaby Radio

Describe yourself in three words: 
Quiet, hardworking, and caring

If I could meet anybody it would be: 
Benjamin Franklin.  He seems like he was a very interesting individual, particularly for his time.

My role model is: 
My grandmother

One thing people would be surprised to learn about me:  
I am an open book, so I doubt there is really anything that people would be surprised to know about me.

I love The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families because: 
I know that we make a very real and positive difference in the lives of many children and families each and every day.  It is amazing to be a part of something so transforming and uplifting.  Even the difficult days are made bearable by knowing that if we were not here for these families, greater tragedy and long-term consequences would occur without our intervention.  In some instances, I even feel that our intervention, while sad having come from such unfortunate circumstances, has changed lives in ways that are even better than they were before the tragedy.  It’s a privilege to get to be a part of that.

Anything else you’d like to share? 
I am very proud of the staff that I work with and feel blessed to have such caring and passionate individuals who work alongside me.