Lori Sommer Patient Volunteer Friend

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2003, Lori Sommer established a long-lasting connection to Orlando Health, the Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center and the Orlando Health Foundation.

Lori, together with her family’s foundation, the James J. and Joan A. Gardner Family Foundation, have donated more than $1 million to further Orlando Health’s mission and help those in need. Most recently, the foundation chose to support the future expansion of the Level One Trauma Center at Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) through a $500,000 pledge.

Lori credits the level of support and care she received during her treatments at the Cancer Center, and her passion for ensuring others get the best treatment possible, for establishing her dedication to helping patients of Orlando Health. In addition to her generous philanthropy, and serving on the board of the Orlando Health Foundation, Lori has also donated her time volunteering in different departments throughout ORMC.

Like so many of Orlando’s citizens, the Pulse nightclub attack left Lori feeling like she needed to be of service to the greater community. Lori’s connection to ORMC, along with the extraordinary performance of the trauma team during the Pulse event, were factors into her desire to help protect the high-level of specialized care offered at ORMC.