James P. Caruso, Sr. and Christine S. Caruso Endowment

In 1926, Phillip and Amelia Caruso moved to the then-small town of Orlando, Florida with their four children. Bluebird carusoPhillip, originally from Italy, turned a push-cart produce stand in New York City into SouthernFruit Distributors. Still known for their bluebird logo, members of the Caruso family developed Southern Fruit Distributors into one of the largest and most innovative companies in Florida. Another of the family’s endeavors, Pineloch Management Corp, is also a major leader in the Greater Orlando business community.

Pineloch Management Corp has changed the face of Orlando and its surrounding area. Today, more than 25 years since its inception, Pineloch Management Corp continues to turn their diversified real estate assets, land developments, warehousing and agriculture holdings into a thriving family business. As part of this success, the Caruso family has made philanthropy a pillar of their organization. Dating as far back as 1985, the Caruso family has supported the Orlando Health Foundation, contributing to the advancement of medical care in the communities where they live and work.

This year, Pineloch Management Corp created a $250,000 endowment in honor of James P. Caruso, Sr. and his wife, Christine S. Caruso. James “Jim” served as the longtime President and CEO of Pineloch Management Corp. Funds raised through investment dollars will be used to support the area of greatest need at Orlando Health.

The Caruso family’s fingerprints are a part of the fabric of our community, and Orlando Health, as they have helped to build the metro Orlando area for nearly 100 years. As the next century unfolds, funds from the James P. Caruso, Sr. and Christine S. Caruso Endowment will fuel the continued advancement of healthcare.


What is an endowment?

An endowment through the Orlando Health Foundation generates ongoing income to help meet the future needs of patients at Orlando Health. Endowed funds are permanently invested, and a small portion of the fund is given each year to support a designated patient program at Orlando Health or can be “unrestricted” to Orlando Health for its greatest needs.

If you would like to learn more about creating an endowment fund, please contact Tiffany Collier, Sr Director Planned Giving, at (321) 841-7010 or [email protected].

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