In Recognition of Doctors' Day

At Orlando Health, our physicians believe that caring for patients is more than just a job. As a result, we often find the doctor patient relationship extends beyond one of everyday care to trusted friendship, and, in some cases, an extension of family. 

As our community continues to navigate through a global pandemic, those bonds are all the more important. 

On March 30 every year the U.S. observes National Doctors’ Day. This day is a way for patients to say thank you to the doctors from whom they, or someone they love, have received extraordinary care and compassion. This year, once again, we received an outpouring of support from our patients and donors - a true testament to the bond we share with our community. 

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight physicians recognized during this year’s National Doctors’ Day. 

Thanks to all those who made a donation in support of the following doctors: 

Elpidio A. Abreu, MD

Sumith C. Aleti, MD

Julio J. Alvarez Cardona

Elizabeth A. Alwohoush, MD

Iordanca D. Anica, MD

Gene R. Arangorin, MD

Alka M. Arora, MD

Irena M. Assefa, MD

Jason T. Atienza, MD

Nicholas G. Avgeropoulos, MD

Frank R. Avilucea, MD

Said M. Baidas, MD

Parkash Bakhtiani, MD

Jeffrey A. Bornstein, MD

Debashish Bose, MD, PhD

Lavone G. Bradfield, MD

Daniel J. Buchholz, MD

Anthony L. Cabreira, MD

Christina S. H. Chen, MD

Wei-Shen Chin, MD

Robert H. Chong, MD

Shehzad H. Choudry, MD

Kaitlin M. Christopherson, MD

Pranav B. Chudgar, MD

Kristin E. Clemons, MD

J. D. Cole, MD

Donald M. Collins, MD

Susan M. Constantino, MD

Gary G. Cook, DDS

David F. Cowan Jr., MD

Marshall C. Cress, MD

Ana E. Cuesta Fernandez, MD

Michael F. D'Angelo, MD

Maria V. De Leon, MD

Edmund F. Delgado, MD

Neelu Dhingra, MD

David A. Diamond, MD

Victor A. Diaz Cotrina, MD

Ronald R. Domescek, MD

Chandresh Duggal, MD

Aurelio Duran, MD

Dennise C. Durkee, MD

Tomas Dvorak, MD

Arnold M. Einhorn, MD

Elizabeth Feldman, DMD

Keron A. Ferguson, MD


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