Honoring Family: the Andrew P. Caneza Foundation

The Caneza family is a name synonymous with generosity, involvement, and community service. They have been actively involved in improving education and healthcare initiatives in the Orlando community for over 40 years. The family and their foundation have generously supported Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, The Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families and the Level One Trauma Center at Orlando Healath Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC).

Tell us about your family’s background, and the Andrew P. Caneza Foundation?

Our family is originally from New Orleans, Lousiana, but we have called Orlando home since moving the family business here in 1981.

We have always been a close-knit family of six children. Our parents had little growing up and instilled the value of hard work. As the family grew, our parents worked endless hours to give us a better life. We learned at an early age to respect and dedicate ourselves to family. Our family has a strong belief that all glory to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us. It was very important to our parents that we keep the family close and always give back to those in need.

We have a large family of more than fifty members, spanning three generations, now living in the Orlando area. Our mother passed away years ago and dad passed away in 2020 at the age of ninety-five. However, they will always be remembered for their continuous generosity throughout their lives.

How did you first encounter Orlando Health?

Our brother, Wayne, was critically injured years ago in an accident and was brought to Orlando Health ORMC. He passed away a few days later, after life support was removed. It was one of the saddest days of our lives. Our family was devastated. The staff and all those who cared for him were very kind, compassionate and provided great care for Wayne and our family. We often think about all the families who have experienced tragedy. It is our hope that we can contribute to new technology and advancements in medical care for patients and families at Orlando Health.

We are very pleased to honor our brother. He was an incredible person who we miss dearly.

What advice would you give others that wish to give back to their community?

We feel giving back and focusing on others is one of the most important things we all can do. Every bit of help gives hope to others. The amount of your gift of time or money is never insignificant, no matter how small or large. Do what is in your heart as you ponder how you can give back.

If there is one thing you would want for people reading this to know about the hospital, what would it be?

Our family experienced great care at the passing of our brother. Since then, family members have faced open heart surgery, emergency gall bladder surgery, cancer treatment, etc., and the quality of care has never faltered.

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