Hard Rock Heals Foundation Awards First Grant to The Howard Phillips Center

Music is energy; it stirs emotion, inspires, connects and can help restore the spirit. The Hard Rock Heals Foundation exists to improve lives through the power of music.

Since its inception in 1971, Hard Rock International has brought people together through the power of music. They have developed partnerships with artists ranging from emerging to iconic in support of charitable efforts around the world.

The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families, part of Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, is proud to be The Hard Rock Heals Foundation’s first grant recipient. The foundation’s mission, to provide assistance to individuals whose goal is to heal through the power of music, aligns deeply with The Howard Phillips Center. The Developmental Center/Early Steps Program for Infants and Children is one of its core programs, which provides assessment and an array of therapeutic, home-visiting and family-centered services to young children with special needs at risk for developmental delays or disabilities – at no cost to the family.

Hard Rock Heals Foundation’s grant now supports weekly music therapy sessions for children with special needs and their adult caregivers. Their $7,500 grant will help us reach 150 different families over the course of one year. In each session, participants will work with a Family Resource Specialist and a Music Therapist to promote the use of music as a therapeutic tool at home.

As children sing with the music therapist, family members and peers, their language and communication expressions will be enhanced while they are having fun and bonding with one another. Not only does this program create a musically-engaging atmosphere for children while facilitating improvement in their social, behavioral and emotional skills, but the exposure to music while in a caring environment also leads them to associate music as a key component of healing, health and well-being. Research shows that music therapy is an effective means of strengthening positive parent-child relationships as well as a child’s behavioral, communicative and social development.

This funding will ensure the continued delivery and expansion of a well-rounded, holistic approach to children’s care and recovery at The Howard Phillips Center while reinforcing music as an important aspect of health and wellness for young bodies and minds.