Happy Birthday to Seacrest Studios at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

On December 2, 2021 we officially celebrate and reflect on all the fun, magic and wonder our new Seacrest Studios has brought to patients at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children over the past year. As we celebrate one year of this incredible child life initiative at our hospital, we share our deepest gratitude with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for selecting Orlando Health Arnold Palmer as its Florida studio home. Additionally, we are thankful to our corporate supporters for fully funding the construction and program.

Our Seacrest Studio is an extension of the child life services offered at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer and has already made a lasting impact on our goal of helping kids be kids while in the hospital.

Each morning, our studio team begins the day with The Morning Show, providing patients with the latest in sports, news and pop culture. The daily schedule then continues with a variety of activities including game shows, music sessions, educational programming and visits from local and national celebrities.

The studio is part of an entertainment initiative radio and television host and producer, Ryan Seacrest, and his family developed to help patients explore the creative realms of radio, television and new media. Complete with a green screen, cameras, microphones and a radio control board, the studio gives patients the opportunity to share the spotlight with guests and studio staff. Patients who are not able to leave their rooms are able to still participate in the fun through our closed-circuit television channel broadcasted throughout our hospital. Our Seacrest Studio is one of 11 studios operating across the country in only top-tier children’s hospitals.

Anthony Grier1“Our Seacrest Studio has made a huge difference in how we deliver pediatric patient care at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer. The moments that stand out to me the most are watching patients put on their own shows: they direct shows, perform songs and read us books. Watching them entertain others that might be going through a hard time, while they are dealing with a difficult time themselves, is a true sign of strength and compassion. It is a pleasure to meet and interact with these patients and watch them grow on camera, while having great fun!” –Anthony Grier, Seacrest Studios Broadcast Coordinator

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