First Pediatric Patient Undergoes Treatment Using Proton Therapy

When Zayne Burton’s parents, Lori and Chaz, learned that their 12-year-old son had been diagnosed with medullablastoma, a tumor of the brain and spine, they were in shock. Quickly, however, their focus turned to treating the curable cancer so their son could go on to live a healthy life. Their journey brought them to The Marjorie and Leonard Williams Center for Proton Therapy at UF Health Cancer Center — Orlando Health. 

Just weeks after his diagnosis and surgery to remove the tumor, Zayne, a 7th grader from Orlando, began proton therapy treatment here, becoming the first pediatric patient treated in Central Florida with this revolutionary treatment option. Zayne was also the first patient to explore and enjoy the children’s playroom, made possible by the Albert M. Covelli Foundation, prior to undergoing his first round of proton therapy treatment.