Eight years and three surgeries later...

Mason was born in 2011 to Anthony and Nichole Mehlich. He is endearing, kind, precocious and inquisitive.

Nichole and Anthony were excited to welcome their first child into the world. During a routine ultrasound, it was discovered that one of Mason’s kidneys was enlarged. After coming to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for more tests, they discovered that Mason had an unbalanced atrioventricular canal with tricuspid atresia. Essentially, he was born with half a heart.

After Mason was born, he spent the next 9 months growing and building his strength, so he could survive the delicate heart operation he desperately needed. Although the first surgery was a success, it took three more surgeries for Mason’s heart to begin to work on its own.

Nichole and Anthony remain extremely thankful for Dr. DeCampli and his team at The Heart Center. To this day, it doesn’t take much for Nichole and Anthony to tear up while expressing their gratitude.

“They are wonderful at their profession. All of Arnold Palmer Hospital is at the top of the class. But that unit is special because of their communication. Whenever we needed something they got it done. They took care of our son and they were amazing at it.” - Anthony Mehlich