City National Bank Commits $1 Million To Florida Nonprofits Supporting Covid-19 Relief Efforts

City National Bank (CNB) has established a $1 million COVID-19 Relief Fund aimed at supporting nonprofit organizations that are confronting the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic impacts. Among those healthcare providers on the frontlines receiving support from CNB is Orlando Health. 

The fund will target three critical areas of need:

  • community healthcare

  • food security

  • protection for vulnerable populations.

Florida has experienced significant health and economic impacts from the pandemic. City National Bank Vice Chairman & CEO Jorge Gonzalez says “CNB supports more than 300 nonprofits annually, but this year we’re stepping up with additional funding for organizations that are making a direct, measurable impact in areas of great need related to the pandemic.” 

As a healthcare organization, Orlando Health’s mission has been especially important during these times and continues to keep the health of the community its top priority.  

“There was a time probably midpoint through this wave of patients that we really started to make it clear to ourselves and to our team members that this isn’t going to be like a hold-your-breath-until-it’s-over event. That this is something that we just have to learn to breathe through and we’re going to have to learn to deal with because it’s going to be with us in some form or another for an extended period of time,” said Dr. George Ralls, senior vice president and chief medical officer at Orlando Health. 

Although numbers may be decreasing, infectious disease experts warn that it is not the time to relax. Orlando Health remains on high alert to help prevent the spread in our community and treat patients with the lifesaving care this virus demands.  

Headquartered in Miami, City National Bank (CNB) is community bank with local decision-making. As one of the largest financial institutions based in the state, Floridians have turned to CNB for nearly 75 years. To learn more about City National Bank of Florida, visit

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