Champion’s Circle Spotlight – Zac and Caroline Callier

The Champions Circle is a giving society of individuals and organizations who have chosen to partner with us through a five-year pledge. Zac and Caroline Callier are members of the Champions Circle.

How long have you lived in Florida? 

Zac moved down to Florida from Kansas City in 1997 with his family, and Caroline moved down in 2009 from Long Island.

How did you first encounter Arnold Palmer Medical Center (APMC)? 

We don't have a personal story with APMC but having been part of the Orlando community for so many years, we have been able to hear and read so many incredible stories about the positive impact everyone associated with APMC has made. We've had the privilege to meet Dr. Jamal Hakim on a couple of occasions and he's given incredible insight into how the APMC community has helped Orlando residents in their time of need.  

Why do you choose to support the mission?  

We love the focus on children. We have been fortunate to have 2 healthy and happy kids – Rosie and Austin – with no major complications. We know that isn't always the case, and that is where Orlando Health Arnold Palmer and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer have such a profound impact. Whether it is helping a new mother and her baby during their first days together, or a young child in need of a critical surgery and care, the hospitals bring help and peace of mind to families in an otherwise very difficult situation.

Why is it important to support a place like Arnold Palmer Medical Center?   

Orlando is home for us. We love the sense of community that Orlando has given us over the years and believe it is important to support the institutions helping those most in need in Central Florida. Knowing how much help that the hospitals have given people, we want both institutions to grow and continue their incredible missions.