Champion’s Circle Spotlight – Dr. Neeraj and Avani Desai

The Champions Circle is a giving society of individuals and organizations who have chosen to partner with us through a five-year pledge. Dr. Neeraj and Avani Desaiare members of the Champions Circle.

1. What city do you call home?
Windermere, FL

2. When / Where did you first meet one another?
It was 2006 and Neeraj was a resident at USF. It was the days when pharmaceutical companies still took doctors out for dinner and I was working for KPMG and wwere having a company event. That eveningwe both saw each other across the room and the rest is history. We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary next year.
3.What are some of your favorite hobbies; what do you do when you are not working or volunteering Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies?
I think it is hard to have hobbies when you have two kids, 3 and 6running around. However, to spend time with themand do something fun, I began taking tennis lessons with my son, Sahiland Neeraj began taking golf lessons with him as well – Sareena tags along for the fun too. We didn’t expect it, but we both enjoy the sports as much as our kids, even though Sahil is probably much better than both of us.I also enjoy putting on my sneakers and hitting the pavement and enjoying a run around the Windermere Lakes. Neeraj has started to join me as well! We also hope to spend some more time traveling as a family.
4. How did you first encounter Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital?
In 2012we moved to Orlando and Neeraj took a position at Winnie Palmer Hospital as a Maternal Fetal Medicine physician. Through his work there, he introduced me to the Hospital.
5. Why do you choose to support our mission?
Someone once said if you could invest in the stock market or you could invest in a child, what would you do? Hands downit would be the investment in a child and the child’s well-being, as there are unbelievable dividends that the world will see. We strongly believe that as well, and one way to invest in child is through the health and quality of life of both mother and baby.
6. What is the one, most important, thing you would share with friends or family about Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital and Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital?
For such a large, prestigious hospital, it is really a small, like-minded community that we are grateful to be part of.
7. What might someone be surprised to know about each of you?
If you ask us where our favorite place to eat is – we both will say Taco Bell.