Celebrating CVS Health's Commitment to Opioid Education

Representatives from CVS Health gathered at Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center on Monday, January 17, 2020 to present their $20,000 grant that will fund Opioid Education for Healthcare Providers at our facility. The goal of this project is to educate providers on understanding addiction (specifically, opioid use disorder). 


The CVS Health representatives toured the emergency facilities at Orlando Health ORMC and participated in one of the first trainings funded by the grant, led by our Opioid Navigator. The Opioid Education program aims to educate 300 healthcare providers, including emergency department (ED) staff, trauma staff, care management and nursing staff. CVS Health’s support for Orlando Health through this grant builds on the company’s overall commitment to helping communities address and prevent drug abuse, through safe disposal, education and prevention.

The Need for Opioid Education

Monthly, Orlando Health sees around 35 individuals who come into the ED as a result of an opioid overdose. To best care for these patients, our Opioid Navigator directs these patients to the services they need and guides them into treatment post-discharge. Through the education program, the Opioid Navigator will cover understanding addiction, why addiction takes place, and inform on the types of treatments that exist for opioid use disorder, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and cognitive behavioral therapy.




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