Cardiac Renovations

Recently, through a $2 million pledge to the Orlando Health Heart and Vascular Institute, Orlando Health completed renovations to the Orlando Health ORMC floor 7B Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Unit. Renovations will be completed this spring for floor 5B Cardiac Intervention Unit - both of which cater to recovering cardiac patients.

Through philanthropy, we now have all new personal restrooms, patient room doors and lighting, along
with wood features and antibacterial flooring. These improvements will increase patient privacy, sound control, ambiance and safety.

“Many of our patients come prepared for surgery with pajamas, toiletries and other things to make their stay feel like home. However, the setting did not fit patients’ desires for their stay. These updates will help provide the patient experience we want to convey... our patients are family, and we take care of them as such.” - Rebecca Whitman BSN, RN, PCCN, Clinical Assistant Nurse Manager

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