Breast Cancer Education Sessions Empower Individuals to Take Control of Health

Since 1983, Orlando Health has been providing exceptional and compassionate cancer care in Central Florida, focusing on patients identified as high risk for breast and other cancers by personal history, family history or genetic testing.

Each year, the Orlando Health Cancer Institute cares for 1,000 new breast cancer patients from Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake Counties. When patients enter our facilities, they often have misinformation or myths about the counseling and testing process for cancer, which affects their health status and decision-making on whether to follow-through on a referral. Knowing this, more education surrounding breast cancer awareness and genetic testing is necessary to improve the health of our community members.

Thanks to a grant of $10,000 from the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, the Orlando Health Cancer Institute was able to fund genetic testing education for underserved populations in Central Florida.

This grant allows the Cancer Institute to educate the community about breast cancer prevention and treatment, increase awareness and reduce stigma related to genetic testing.

Through collaboration with Sisters Network Orlando Chapter – a breast cancer survivorship organization and community referral network that promotes breast health awareness through early detection, education and support services – the Orlando Health Cancer Institute began hosting in-person and virtual educational sessions to teach our community about the risk factors, screening options and self-advocacy tools to take control of their breast health.

From July to November 2022, the Orlando Health Breast Cancer and Genetics education events provided education to men and women on knowing what risks they face when it comes to cancer and when to seek medical treatment. Over 300 community members have already participated in these events.

With more education events planned for 2023, this grant allows the Orlando Health Cancer Institute to continue to positively impact our local communities, empowering individuals to become proactive advocates for their own health.

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