Breakthrough Discoveries on the Horizon with the Chenzyme Foundation

Recent philanthropic funding provided by the Chenzyme Foundation is poised to considerably impact Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Orlando Health Heart and Vascular Institute.

With its long-lasting and strong desire to make a difference, the Chenzyme Foundation is dedicated to furthering research, medical education and superior patient care.

Imaging and Genetic Testing

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. With support from the Chenzyme Foundation, Orlando Health is tackling this public health epidemic by further developing the ability to test for genetic heart disease. This funding will enable even earlier diagnosis that, among other benefits, will lead to a more comprehensive and coordinated plan for patients.

Orlando Health currently uses advanced cardiac and genetic testing to manage a variety of conditions, including arrhythmia, high cholesterol, hypertension and cardiomyopathy. This critical funding will provide greater capacity to diagnose various genetic heart and vascular diseases by enhancing the following:

• Genetic testing and counseling

• Research and clinical trials

• Education and training

• Improved patient outcomes

The Impact of Philanthropy

This philanthropic investment will help to accomplish the following:

• Provide specially trained genetic counselors to evaluate and educate families

• Help make genetic testing more affordable

• Upgrade imaging equipment

• Increase the quality and quantity of education and training resources for staff

Full-Time Statistician at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer

The addition of a full-time statistician will significantly expand our capacity for pediatric research. Statisticians ensure that healthcare data collected during research and clinical trials is analyzed and interpreted promptly and correctly. A full-time statistician will assist physicians in ascertaining new treatment options and streamline the ability to share findings with colleagues nationwide. With more than 9,500 inpatient discharges and nearly 115,000 outpatient visits each year, substantial patient data is available to collect and study. Onboarding a statistician will allow physicians in more than 25 specialties to conduct a wide range of research more efficiently.

The Chenzyme Foundation’s generous gift will expand physicians’ ability to conduct, present and publish research, leading to renewed hope and improved patient outcomes and experiences.

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