Arnold Palmer Hospital Hewell Kids' Kidney Center Featured by the CDC

The Arnold Palmer Hospital's Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center was tweeted by the CDC to recognize 974 days since the last bloodstream infection.

As of Dec. 12, the team within the Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center celebrated 1,000 days of CLABSI-free status in the pediatric dialysis center.

In association with the CDC and our participation in the Children’s Hospital Associations SCOPE (Standardized Care to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric ESRD-End Stage Renal Disease) Collaborative, the kidney center is passionate about making dialysis safer for patients by promoting and preventing dialysis blood stream infections.

Asked by the SCOPE Collaborative Quality Team to post our infection-free days count on their website, we stood at more than 900 days of infection-free status and held the record amongst all the children’s hospitals dialysis participants in the USA.

To mark this distinction, the CDC asked if they could use our photo and standing to tweet as a method of success and motivation for other facilities and as an “inspiration, boosting this success to other front lines”.

"We are extremely privileged to have the lead on CLABSI-free days among children’s hospital association's SCOPE collaborative," says Amy Martinez, RN, BSN, clinical assistant nurse manager. "This accomplishment was possible due to outstanding work from our nurses and leadership, and special thanks to Barbara Cometti, nursing operations manager, for keeping the nursing staff up to date on the latest evidence based practice guidelines and ensuring that our patients receive safe and high-quality care."