Amazon 'Delivers' the Word About Pediatric Cancer

This past September, Amazon Fulfillment worked with various organizations, research teams and hospitals to raise awareness around childhood cancer.

You may have received an Amazon package adorned with gold ribbons, meant to increase awareness around childhood cancer. And, on one day in September, all Amazon employees were encouraged to wear their PJs to work to show solidarity for those kids who have no choice but to wear them all day.

A Special Delivery of $30,000

Amazon goes gold- body 1

In addition, several of Amazon’s robotic facilities teamed up with local hospitals across the country, and in Florida worked with Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, to host Camp Amazon: Gold Edition – where a group of patients battling cancer or who have survived cancer aged 8-14 engaged in hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) activities. They also received a behind-the-scenes look at how Amazon leverages technology and innovation to pick, pack and ship custom orders. At the end of the camp, participants found out they were going to use their new knowledge for one special delivery - $30,000 to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer’s oncology department.

Amazon goes gold- body 2