Aetna: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

As a leader in healthcare, Aetna, a CVS Health Company, focuses on increasing access to quality health care services and helping people on their path to better health. With that overarching goal in mind, through meaningful collaborations, measurable philanthropic investments and proactive responses to community needs, Aetna supports low-income, underserved and minority communities to help remove barriers individuals and families face when accessing health care services.

Most recently, Aetna awarded $25,000 to support The Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families, part of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Philanthropy is a significant factor in The Howard Phillips Center’s ability to care for the children and families they serve - more than 20,000 individuals last year alone. Because all children deserve to be safe, healthy and supported, we work diligently to help anyone in need at no cost.

Teens need help, too.

Aetna’s donation will support the goals and services provided by Teen Xpress. Teenagers want to be successful, but health and social problems often start or peak during the teen years. Adolescence is critical for establishing healthy habits and stress management. Yet, poverty restricts access to the care and support needed to promote healthy behaviors. That’s why the Teen Xpress mobile clinic travels to eight school sites to provide free and convenient medical, mental health and nutrition services to nearly 800 uninsured and under-insured middle and high school students annually.

Thanks to Aetna’s donation, the mental health therapist who travels to schools with Teen Xpress is being trained to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy which helps individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder recover from trauma by reshaping how they associate feelings with distressing memories. Additionally, the team has provided school physicals, sports physicals and required vaccines to more than 500 students in Orange County schools.

With Aetna’s support, Teen Xpress can help middle and high school students better navigate through life with a focus on their physical, emotional and mental.

Visit to support the Teen Xpress program at The Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families.

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