Advocates for Children Spotlight – David Forrester and Edna Morris

Advocates for Children is a giving society of individuals and organizations who have chosen to partner with The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families through a five-year pledge. David Forrester and Edna Morris are members of Advocates for Children.

1. What city do you call home?
Maitland, Florida 

2. When / Where did you first meet one another? 
I (David) interviewed and hired Edna at Cummins Engine Company. After 6 years there, Edna returned to the food and beverage industry and I started my own environmental company. Jobs changed. Love didn’t. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year!

3. What are some of your favorite hobbies; what do you do when you are not working or volunteering at The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families? 
We both enjoy tennis, David as a solid competitive player, Edna as a fun player. We love spending time with our rescue kitties – Glory and Hallelujah, family and friends, walking, biking, boating, wine and food. 

4. How did you first encounter The Howard Phillips Center? 
The Center had their 2013 Spring Swirl at Quantum Leap Winery where David is an owner. We fell in love with the people and their mission and have kept in touch since. Now that we have moved back to Orlando (we lived in Belleair until May of 2017) we are thrilled to get more involved.

5. Why do you choose to support our mission? 
Well, first of all there is the staff…they are committed and professional and we love them.
Then, there is the work itself; the focus on breaking cycles and creating new hope is impossible not to admire and support.

6. What is the one, most important, thing you would share with friends or family about The Howard Phillips Center? 
Their work is all about building foundations for the future; whether it is helping families learn how to make their learning-challenged child live a full life, or teaching parents how to break the cycle of abuse, or providing young people access to medical and counseling services they would not normally have. Their work builds something that will change lives for generations.

7. What might someone be surprised to know about each of you?
David: Former captain of a city championship team in basketball or that I softly catch and release almost any living creature.
Edna: I was featured in commercials for Quincy’s steakhouse.