A Remarkable Journey of Resilience and Gratitude: Karen Keene's Story

The sudden and senseless act of violence took the life of Karen’s husband, Steve, and left her with life-threatening injuries. In the aftermath, Karen found herself in a fight for her life under the skilled care of the Level One Trauma Center at Orlando Health Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). The urgent and life-saving care received would later serve as the foundation of Karen's remarkable journey to recovery.

Emergency Intervention and Surgical Precision

Orlando Health ORMC, known for its expertise and commitment to excellence, worked tirelessly to stabilize her. The Level One Trauma Center, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the most skilled healthcare professionals, ensured that Karen received immediate attention and underwent emergency surgeries to save her life. Throughout numerous surgeries and rehabilitation sessions, Karen exhibited incredible strength, facing each challenge with determination and courage.

From Survival to Thriving

The comprehensive care Karen received, encompassing medical expertise, rehabilitative therapies, and emotional support, played a pivotal role in restoring her health. Karen's journey of incredible loss, grief, and physical limitations ultimately led her to a place of healing and perseverance. The trauma and rehabilitation teams, alongside other caregivers, not only mended Karen's physical wounds but also supported her emotional and mental well-being throughout the recovery process.

Expressing Gratitude Through Philanthropy

In an expression of deep gratitude, Karen decided to give back to the hospital that gave her a second chance at life. She made a future commitment to support Orlando Health by including a philanthropic gift in her estate plans. This generous gesture is Karen's way of ensuring that others facing challenging circumstances will have access to the same exceptional care that she received.

What Is a Bequest?

Bequests are charitable gifts made through your estate, as a provision in your will or trust, or by naming Orlando Health as a beneficiary to receive certain assets in the future. Establishing a bequest is a meaningful opportunity that:

• Allows you to make an impact beyond your lifetime.

• Ensures flexibility in your giving.

• Provides the gift of health to future generations.

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To directly discuss the areas your bequest can support, please contact Tiffany Collier, Vice President, at (321) 841-5194 or email [email protected].

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