1 Million Reasons to Give Back

Trey Vick currently serves on the Community Leadership Council (CLC) as the co-chair and architect of their 1 Million Reasons fundraising initiative.

After serving in multiple CLC leadership roles, he’s taking on his biggest challenge yet – raising $1 million for The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families.

Trey, the youngest of three kids, is part of a very close-knit family. He smiles as he talks about his parents, who have been married for almost 50 years, as we sit at a large wooden table at his office in Maitland. His colleague and dad, John, warmly says “Hello,” just before he and Trey start talking about going go-kart racing for John’s upcoming birthday. This is what most imagine a family business to be a large conference room for meetings and planning sessions, but with comfortable couches and a home-like feel.


Trey and his wife, Carrie, met in the Air Force. With a long history of military service in Carrie’s family, she always knew it was her natural path. Trey and Carrie both balanced their busy service commitments alongside charitable work while serving in the armed forces. “The military is where we learned how to integrate a community focus into our lives,” said Carrie.


The focus on community did not change once their military service ended. Trey and Carrie supported multiple non-profit organizations as their family life and careers took off. After Trey chaired a local fundraising event, his friend, Carina Graham, invited him to join the CLC and learn more about the work of The Howard Phillips Center. Trey and Carrie never looked back.


Central Florida is a thriving set of communities. But, children and families in our own neighborhoods still face challenges, such as child abuse, developmental disabilities and lack of access to medical care. The Howard Phillips Center helps meet the needs of these families with vital life-changing services.


“If you’re blessed with something others do not have, you’re called to help others who do not have it as easy,” explained Trey. “Growing up, my family was always ingrained in our community. I feel that we all have a responsibility to give back. You’d be surprised at how great of a need there is right here in Central Florida, in our own backyards.”


Trey’s first focus on the CLC was chairing their annual fundraiser, Spring Swirl. His fresh energy and perspective elevated the event from a nice party, to a sought-after ticket. Trey chaired the event from Quantum Leap Winery to a speakeasy at Aloft Orlando, then a tropical oasis at SeaWorldÒ Orlando’s Discovery Cove. His passion to help children and families deepened, and Trey took on the role of CLC Chair. He focused on bringing in new members from a variety of industries, making sure the best of the best served children right here in our community.


“One of the paramount programs offered by The Howard Phillips Center is Healthy Families Orange/Osceola. It is cycle-breaking,” said Trey. “I see that as a game-changer program. If you can take a family that has a new baby and does not know how to parent because they did not have a good example, and you can show them how to be a better parent, well, now you've changed the life of a child.” 


Trey has been on a mission to change the lives of as many children and families as he can. After serving as the CLC’s Chair for three years, he is now challenging all of us to help take The Howard Phillips Center to the next level by recognizing and supporting the 1 Million Reasons we need to do better for the kids in our community.


“Philanthropy directly impacts the services provided to families,” explained Trey. “A strong family is one of the greatest gifts you can have. It is the foundation for who we are as people. We have 1 Million Reasons to help children and families in Central Florida grow up strong.” For Carrie, who feels a strong connection to the teenagers supported by the Teen Xpress mobile health unit, “It is everyone’s responsibility.”


To help Trey, Carrie and the CLC raise $1 million for The Howard Phillips Center, visit