Gifts of Stock & Securities

How it works:
Stock held for more than one year can be transferred following the simple instructions below:

Notify your broker that you wish to transfer stock to the Orlando Health Foundation, and provide them with the following information:
Name on Account: Orlando Health Foundation, Inc. 
SunTrust Account Number: 7923356 
DTC Number: 2039
FFC: Suntrust Bank a/c 11188 
Number of shares to donate

In order to complete the transfer, you and/or your broker will need to contact: 
Complete the stock transfer by asking your broker to contact the Foundation & Endowments Specialty Practice at SunTrust Bank, 407.237.4500.

SunTrust notifies the Foundation when a stock transfer occurs, and the Foundation promptly sells the shares. Your gift will have an immediate impact.

We will provide you with documentation of your donation per IRS guidelines, which can be claimed for a tax deduction up to 30% of your adjust gross income in the year of your gift.

Thank you for supporting Orlando Health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Matt Lilly
Vice President of Planned Giving and Major Gifts 
Phone: 321.843.2488
Orlando Health Foundation, Inc.

Federal Tax Identification Number: 59-2244943