Vera J. Steinfeld and family make generous gift to update multimedia system at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

Patients and families at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital can now enjoy an enhanced multimedia system, thanks to the generous gift of Vera J. Steinfeld and her family. 

Patients and families at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital can now enjoy an enhanced multimedia system, thanks to the generous gift of Vera J. Steinfeld and her family.

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital was built in 1985 to serve the Southwest Orlando community and the thousands of visitors who arrive each year for business, conventions and family vacations. Located in the heart of one of the top tourist regions in the world and one of the fastest growing communities in Central Florida, the hospital underwent a major expansion in 2008 that nearly doubled its size.

Vera Steinfeld, with her family, made a generous donation to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital to improve the multimedia system and improve the patient experience.´┐╝Patient Tower A, part of the new space, features a soaring grand lobby, interior design incorporating natural elements and colors, and the latest amenities – all to offer an uplifting, healing environment.Our focus now turns to the renovation of the original Tower B to make it more consistent with Tower A’s healing environment. 

Until now, the tower featured the original, “tube-style” televisions with limited interactive capabilities. These displays were also harder to see because of their smaller size and were difficult to angle so that the patient could view comfortably. During a recent visit to Dr. P, Phillips Hospital, Vera noticed the difference between the two towers and wanted to ensure a more consistent healing environment. “As a former patient, I understand how important entertainment can be for both the patients and their families,” says Vera. “I am so pleased that my donation enables the enhancement of the multimedia system in Tower B."

In total, more than 200 flat-screen TVs will be placed in patient rooms, the Emergency Department, the Chest Pain Center, and several waiting rooms. The extensive renovation of Tower B will enhance patients’ comfort and the TVs will be a valuable factor in making their stays as relaxing and stress-free as possible. The update also provides flexibility in the future to assign educational videos to patients to help teach them about their diagnosis, diet, and even the importance of exercise. Vera’s gift is a tremendous benefit to our renovation efforts at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital – and is sure to make a difference in the experience of both patients and their families.

For more information about the renovation project at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital and how you can help, please contact Jeremy Gamble at 321.841.8870 or Email Jeremy Gamble.