Generosity of Donors Saved Lives at ORMC

Through gifts from our donors, recently purchased specialized equipment allowed team members at the Level One Trauma Center at Orlando Regional Medical Center to quickly assess the influx of patients received as a result of the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12.

On June 12, victims of our nation’s worst mass shooting arrived at Orlando Regional Medical Center with severe gunshot wounds. As they arrived by the truckload, trauma team members had to determine the severity of wounds quickly and efficiently. Physicians and staff were able to do this thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Six years ago, with the support of our donors, the Foundation purchased three portable ultrasound
machines. Last year, thanks to a gift from the Elinor and T.W. Miller Foundation, an additional unit was purchased for the Trauma Center.

Having this technology in the Trauma Bay allows the physicians to rapidly assess injuries and check for internal bleeding. In as little as one minute, the trauma team can make definitive decisions about which patients need immediate surgery, saving precious time.

These machines were used to perform critical diagnostic exams on virtually every patient from
the mass shooting.

While these devices are used every day at the Trauma Center for car accident patients and for
patients who’ve slipped and fallen, they were an invaluable asset in this extraordinary situation – all thanks to philanthropic support.

Having more than one ultrasound machine available was also critical, as they were deployed
throughout the Emergency Department and Trauma Bay to quickly triage the mass influx of patients. They also helped re-assess and monitor patients throughout the crisis.

The donations and support from our donors helped our team save many lives within a short period of time. This technology is just one example of how philanthropy and support from donors help our team save lives, each and every day.

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