Knight Thon UCF

Through year-long fundraising efforts, late-night meetings, and endless dedication, the combined efforts of nearly 3,000 registered participants raised $1,250,961.21 that will benefit the pediatric programs at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

The students’ year-long fundraising efforts were celebrated during their 20-hour event, in which students stand on their feet. Why stay on your feet for that long? To quote the first CMN Hospitals Dance Marathon’s mission statement: “We dance for those who can’t.” It is this solidarity to – and connection with – the cause that makes Dance Marathon an event unlike any other. Being on their feet for 20 hours, students are able to experience just a small glimpse of what a child in the hospital endures - whether it be a life-threatening illness, disease, or an accident. It puts into perspective just how important each donation received throughout the year is to the critical care and treatment for every child that comes through the doors of Arnold Palmer Hospital.

During the event students participated in various games, did a morale dance that was played each hour, and had the opportunity to hear miracle stories from ambassador families whose children were treated at Arnold Palmer Medical Center.

Being the largest student-run philanthropy on campus, Knight-Thon reached new heights as a Dance Marathon program. As the 7th largest Miracle Network Dance Marathon in the country, Knight-Thon continues to grow substantially each year all while keeping their mission and promise first: to do everything for the kids.