Three Smart Ways You Can Support Orlando Health in 2021

Making a charitable gift before the end of the year can be a smart way to save on taxes while supporting a cause that is important to you. Consider these strategies to make the most of your giving:  

  1. Earn Income On Your Gift  
    Receive an immediate tax deduction and guaranteed lifetime income with a charitable gift annuity

  2.  Lower Your Tax Burden 
    If you normally give gifts of cash, consider increasing this year’s donation to take advantage of 2021 CARES Act* tax savings

  3. Give Stock 
    Gift appreciated stock held for more than a year and receive an tax deduction while avoiding capital gains taxes.  

*For more information on how you can use the CARES Act to make a greater impact, contact us.  

To have your gift qualify for 2021 tax deductions or to benefit from the CARES Act, charitable contributions must be postmarked by December 31, 2021.  



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