Gifts of Stock & Securities

The Orlando Health Foundation is happy to accept a gift of stock to benefit Orlando Health, any of our hospitals or any of our programs. The easiest method of achieving the transfer of stock is to notify your broker that you wish to transfer the stock to our account with Suntrust Bank. 

You will need the following information: 
SunTrust Account Number: 7923356 
Name on Account: Orlando Health Foundation, Inc. 
DTC Number: 2039
FFC: Suntrust Bank a/c 11188 

In order to complete the transfer, you and/or your broker will need to contact: 
Foundations & Endowment Specialty Practice
SunTrust Bank - Phone: 407-237-4500

When we receive notification of the transfer, we will provide you with a statement that reflects the amount of the gift per IRS guidelines. Basically, this is the mean of the high and low on the date of the gift. 

In order to better serve you, it is also helpful to let the us know the name of the stock, number of shares, the date the authorization is delivered to your stock broker and where you would like to designate your gift. This will assure that your gift of stock is credited appropriately.

Thank you for supporting Orlando Health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Matt LillyVice President of Planned Giving and Major Gifts 

Phone: 321.843.2488 Orlando Health Foundation, Inc.  

Federal Tax Identification Number: 59-2244943